Filmmaking is my passion! I have been interested in filming wildlife since I was very young, but I became a professional filmmaker after completing a Masters degree in Natural History Filmmaking in 2010. I have experience in a range of filmmaking roles, including writing, sound recording and editing, but camerawork is my main area of speciality. I have IRATA Rope Access training and am especially capable of building hides high in the canopy to capture rare footage of nesting birds. Contact me to inquire about videography services.

To view a portfolio of my short films, scroll down on this page, or visit my Vimeo Channel here.

iNSiGHT fiLMs stock footage (digital High Definition) of wildlife is available for purchase.

For available wildlife species and price information, please contact me here.

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Simon Cherriman


    Sony A7S
    Canon EOS 7D
    Canon EOS 600D
    GoPro HD Hero 1, 2
    Mobious mini HD camera


    Sigma 150-500mm zoom
    Canon EF 18-200mm zoom,
    Canon EF 10-22mm wide angle
    Canon 100mm macro
    Canon EF 24-105mm

Left:   Ascending to a tall hide in the canopy of the jarrah forest to obtain footage of nesting eagles (below).

Where Do Eagles Dare?   (Trailer)

Released in December 2014, this 1 hour film tells the story of a world first research project.

In June 2013 I fulfilled a boyhood dream and tagged two adult Wedge-tailed Eagles with GPS/Satellite Transmitters to follow their movements. Buy the DVD or check here for info on the next screening.

The Ravens of Castlemaine

This was a short, fun film I made during a brief stay in Castlemaine, Victoria. It aims to take you right into the nesting life of one member of Australian crow family, the Little Raven.

A Wedged Tale  (trailer)

Few have seen what is surely one of the world’s great acts of predation: a Wedge-tailed Eagle catching its prey. No one has ever filmed it. A Wedged Tale is the story of one man’s quest to shoot just such a shot.

With this film we hope to add to the folklore of South-west WA. Our tale is intricately linked to this specific place and its inhabitants. The film is a celebration of the diverse local ecosystems and the relationships within them, especially those between humans and the animals. By inviting Simon into the ecosystems, we aim to consider people’s place within and among nature, as opposed to apart from it.


During February 2010 I spent a few weeks traveling around the north island of New Zealand in my little red Pajero. I made this short trailer in March mainly to showcase the amazing capabilities of the Canon EOS 7D as a film camera.



Ever wondered what it takes to film birds in the canopy? Well, this is something I’ve done since I was a teenager, so I thought I’d make my first short film in NZ about this very topic. The challenge was to weave footage of bushwalking and tree climbing into an artistic story.

This film was mostly shot high in an ancient NZ rimu tree whose branches were thickly decorated with mosses, lichens and ferns. I spent hours surrounded by  woodpigeons (kereru), bellbirds (korimako) and riflemen (titipounamu).

All video footage Copyright Simon Cherriman © 2016