Wedge-tailed Eagle Research

I have researched Wedge-tailed Eagle ecology in WA for over 10 years. This section is designed to present a variety of information about eagles to be used as an educational resource.

The below lists present the scientific and popular articles published in the last few years. In the future, I will update further research as it becomes published.

You can also visit my blog or the eagle tracking website for more recent research.

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Scientific Publications

Cherriman, S. C. (2013). ‘Nest Site Characteristics and Breeding Productivity of Wedge-tailed Eagles (Aquila audax) near Perth, Western Australia’Amytornis vol. 5, p. 23-28.

Cherriman, S. C. (2010). ‘From science to narrative film: Communicating knowledge and inspiring interest in the Wedge-tailed Eagle’. M.SciComm. Thesis, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Cherriman, S. C. (2007). ‘Territory size and diet throughout the year of the Wedge-tailed Eagle (Aquila audax) in the Perth region, Western Australia’. B.Sc. (Hons) Thesis, Curtin University, Western Australia.

Cherriman, S. C., Foster, A. and Debus, S. J. S. (2009). ‘Supplementary notes on the breeding behaviour of Wedge-tailed Eagles Aquila audaxAustralian Field Ornithology. vol. 26 (4), p. 142-146.

Popular Articles

2015: Where Do Wedgies Dare?’Tracker News vol. 1/2015, p. 3-7.
‘Secret Lives of Wedgies’, Landscope vol. 30 (2), p. 46-50.

2014: ‘Desert Trackers’Australian Wildlife vol. 1/2014, p. 17-19.

2013: ‘Desert Eagles: Wedge-tailed Eagles at Lorna Glen,’ Landscope vol. 29 (1), p. 32-39.

2009: ‘A Passion for Powerful Predators’Australian Wildlife vol. 2/2009, 8-11.

‘Food for Thought’Wingspan vol. 19 (4), 40-43.

‘King of the Beasts on the South Coast’South Coast Biodiversity NRM News vol. 2, p. 5.

2008: ‘Powerful Predators and Passionate Parents: the Life Cycle of a Wedge-tailed Eagle’ Western Wildlife vol. 12 (3), 1-5.

2007: ‘Wedge-tailed Eagles – the diet of a skilful hunter’ Bushland News vol. 60, p. 10.

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